Videoclips of 2019

Here you can find the whole Show-Championship of 2019, cut separatly into short clips so that you can find your(self) friend, family easily.

Time Category Participants Song/video link
16.10 Duo Diana en Ayako Good Times
16.15 Solo Caroline Hamsterdance
16.20 Kwartet Sude, Fae, Kirsten, Vayen Vaiana
16.25 Groep Irina’s Kids Trein
16.30 Solo Chayna Thank you
16.35 Duo Isabel en Reva Barbie
16.40 Kwartet Mirle, Melissa, Eponine, Merel The wizard of Oz
16.45 Groep Valentina, Marjolein, Amber, Felicia, Tanuja Dear Future Husband
16.50 Solo Ivy Glow
16.55 Duo Cansu en Kisako Don’t stop me now (Queen)
17.00 Kwartet Danielle, Lois, Anneloes, Ziya Time
17.05 Groep Nikkie, Juul, Roos, Lise, Linde Black Magic
17.10 Solo Elise Marilyn Monroe
17.15 Solo Nanda Witches of Eastwick
17.20 Duo Duo Ijsfun Diamonds are a girls best friend
17.25 Kwartet Sophia, Vayen, Bertille, Josephine Light
17.30 Groep Ayako, Chayna, Diana, Amy, Isabella Neon Lights
17.35 Duo Fleur, Yvette Phantom of the Opera
17.40 Duo Ilse en Anouk One last time
17.45 Solo Rosalijne Non
17.50 Groep Sylvia, Amy, Christine, Kaylee, Nathalie Working 9 to 5
17.55 Groep Cansu,Kisako, Noortje, Ivy, Isabel, Felicia Remember the time

Sophia, Vayen, Bertille, Josephine – Light

Photos of the award ceremony are here to find, curtesy of Jorris Maas Visuals: Dutch Photography and Filmmaking Group, or here in the gallery.